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How ironic that almost a year to the day of us forming HJS Clothing (July 30, 2019) we find ourselves launching this website. A lot has transpired in the past year that has resulted in us going in a different direction with this company than we had intended. Specifically, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have personally touched us to the point where had to do something to help those doctors, nurses and first responders on the frontline. One night is February 2020, while watching the evening news, we where both horrified to see the fatigue and emotional stress experienced by doctors, nurses inside New York City hospitals. As native New Yorkers who have many friends who are doctors and nurses working in New York City hospitals we felt as if we had to do “Something” to help them. Within minutes we began to formulate a plan that would both recognize and support these first responders’ efforts and financially assist them.  Within days we had designed two concepts that would recognize first responders and nurses, namely, “Frontline First Responder Covid-19 War Hero” and “Frontline Nurse Covid-19 War Hero”. We then decided to prepare two additional concepts, “I Support Frontline First Responders Covid-19 War Heroes” and “I Support Frontline Nurses Covid-19 War Heroes”. We decided to donate 25 % of the profit from the “I Support Frontline First Responders Covid-19 War Heroes” to family members of those First Responders and Nurses who have died while providing medical assistance to Covid-19 patients.


As a Covid-19 frontline nurse I fully understand the emotions that the virus has on frontline responders, nurses, and families of patients. Our jobs are quite different than “normal people”. Within thirty-minutes of leaving our homes in the morning, we literally walk into the “belly of the beast” facing head-on a jammed packed intensive care unit filled with Covid-19 patients fighting for their lives. Our days are long, filled with stress and the discomfort of having to wear protective masks, headgear, and isolation gowns. To make matters worse every time we enter a new patient room, we must change our masks, headgear, and isolation gowns. Nevertheless, we go on in what appears to be endless hours and days always with our patients in mind. 


Having been a nurse for 47 years, I am so proud I created an incredibly attractive black V-neck T-Shirt reading, “I Love Being a Nurse®”. In appreciation to all my fellow nurses, I am offering this T-Shirt to you at a price of $5.00 (just pay $4.00 S&H fee) upon you purchasing any clothing item from our website. 


Every night we pray that this virus will end. In the interim we ask that you support our first responders and nurses by showing them your support through the purchase of one of our articles of clothing.

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